Force of Will Curse of the Frozen Casket Singles Live!

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Gamers Rush

Force of Will TCG Curse of the Frozen Casket Set Singles are now live in their respective page on the Gamers Rush Online Store located HERE! Additionally, there is still a number of Full Art Cards and Textured Cards from Curse of the Frozen Casket that are being readied to include in the listings which are not currently available. Keep an eye out for those. You will also notice that Force of Will Cards are the first to follow a new purchasing option menu which allows you to select Mint/Near Mint, Very Good or Good Quality versions of the cards for differing prices. The rear views are used as an example of each quality type and are not a representation of the exact card you will receive quality wise as there may be multiple quantities of the same quality.

Curse of the Frozen Casket is only the second set to make it’s way to the Gamers Rush Online Store with many more sets spanning from Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tail (the third set from the series) to the most recent will be added over the coming months. We hope to grow Force of Will TCG within Australia and the rest of the world where it is not easily available!