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Gamers Rush Online Store, E-Commerce Systems, Warehouse Systems, Supply Chain and Shipping Carrier systems will be upgraded to newly improved systems that will help us better utilize the Shopify E-Commerce Platform. With various bugs having been an issue and some orders getting lost in the system and unfindable which Shopify has somewhat fixed, we’ve decided that from June 24th to July 9th 2023, there will be a big push for our new systems to be finalized and made live. In addition to this, Stock Take will also take place during those dates and some services will be impacted during the Stock Take week. Below is a full list of what services will be impacted, what won’t be impacted and what new things you can expect to see live by July 9th, 2023!

While it has not been smooth sailing on various aspects throughout 2022 and 2023, Gamers Rush is working hard to ensure that we become better for all of you. While we’re not perfect, we’re learning from errors, mistakes and experiences with distributions, manufacturing and shipping issues to work on ways to make our services better because all of you, our customers are our number 1 priority. Please note that this post on the blog, email in the email newsletters and post on our social media channels, wherever you’re reading this, is our early notice to all customers on what lies ahead over the next several weeks.

What Services Will be Impacted?

  • Shipment of Orders containing Single Cards of TCG or Non-TCG WILL BE AFFECTED! Stock take is expected to last the first week June 24th to July 2nd and during this time there will be no shipping of single cards and we will not accept cancellations during this time.
  • Invoices for International Customers will be delayed during the stock take week but we’ll try and get to you as fast as possible.

What Services Will NOT be Impacted?

  • Shipment of Orders containing Sealed Products WILL NOT BE AFFECTED. They will be shipped as per normal.
  • Shipment of Orders containing Pre-Orders WILL NOT BE AFFECTED. They will be shipped as per normal.
  • Shipment of Orders containing Sealed Products that are being received in a delayed time frame WILL NOT BE AFFECTED. They will be shipped as they arrive.

What’s New?

  • Brand New Responsive Site Layout with “Load More” functionality rather than pagination system.
  • Brand New Fundraiser Page for Entertainment Centre for Kids with Autism and Special Needs
  • Brand New Loyalty Rewards system (Old Points will not be lost).
  • Brand New Pre-Order System with Deposit/Partial Payment capabilities available.
  • New Pre-Order Policy with inclusion of Cancellation capabilities but loss of deposit if Cancelling.
  • New Notify Me option on Sold Out Products to be notified when they’re back in stock (very useful for single card restock).
  • New Options Add-On System to allow for optional add-ons to various Products to be selectable during purchase. (Eg: Optional Top Loader Add on to Single Card Purchases for cards that don’t come with them).

New Product Sections

  • Figurines Make their return as Gamers Rush has a new distributor HIMP Hobbyco Imports.
  • Model Kits for Gundam, Vehicles, Planes, Ships and other Model Kit Product and Accessories.
  • Building Blocks such as LEGO, Nanoblock, Sluban, Sembo Block, Mega, Mega Construx and more.
  • Anime Stationary and other Anime Products
  • Vinyl Anime Wall Scrolls
  • Gaming Computer / Laptop and other Equipment
  • Video Games, Consoles & Accessories (PS5, PS4, XBOX, SWITCH)
  • Much much more!

New TCG Singles

  • Battle Spirits Saga Singles will make their debut
  • Force of Will TCG Singles will make their return as we do stock count!
  • Final Fantasy TCG Singles will make their debut
  • Grand Archive Singles will make their debut
  • Pokemon Singles will make a return after stock take
  • More Cardfight Vanguard Sets to be added
  • More Digimon Singles Sets to be added
  • More Magic The Gathering Singles Sets from 90s to Modern to be added
  • More Japanese TCG Singles (Precious Memories, Chaos TCG, Lycee Overdress, Z/X Zillions of Enemy, Fire Emblem and much more!
  • More Weiss Schwarz English and Japanese Set singles to be added
  • More Yugioh Singles to be added